Smart Environment: Lighting, Heating, Shading

At Micarta, we value intuitive solutions to simplify your home. We analyse the needs and specifications of your building to provide your home with customized solutions that work exactly for your space.

With home lighting and shading automation, lights fading and curtains closing will set the scene for an evening in. Unique lighting and shading scenes, customized for specific rooms and time of the day and night, are just a single tap away.

We build responsive full-scale systems that are able to control your entire environment including lighting, shading, heating and cooling from one interface.

Smart home installations of lighting, shading and heating, comes with an invaluable advantage. Our systems can save power and manage solar gains at your home. Home shading automation will allow your home to intuitively let natural sunlight in, at the same time using it to maintain the optimum indoor climate during the hottest days. Automated heating will ensure that your home consumes exactly as much power as needed to keep you at the right temperature at all times. Home lighting automation will ensure that your home no longer consumes excessive energy thanks to a function that allows to dynamically dim lights and the occupancy sensors that stop excessive power use.

Advanced features can be incorporated such as weather stations that analyse local weather in real time. The system not only knows when to protect your home from excessive sunlight on hot days, which helps save energy in summer, but it is also prepared to protect your property, for instance, protecting external blinds from high winds.

Home automation systems provide intuitive control over your home and ensure that it uses only as much energy as it really needs. They can be linked to energy monitoring systems which allow for monitoring power use per every subsystem. We can integrate your lighting, heating and shading system with other smart home solutions, such as audio visual systems or CCTV, providing you with full control over your smart home within a single software. Our systems provide the luxury of leaving home and never again wondering “did I turn off all the lights?”

Micarta provides expert services throughout the process of designing and smart home installation. We work to bring balance and simplicity to your home through our carefully crafted installations. To ensure that we can provide you with a solution suited to your individual needs, we cooperate with a variety of leading manufactures to provide you the best Control 4 smart home, Crestron smart home and Lutron lighting systems. We are also a certified KNX installer who can turn your home or commercial space into a KNX smart building.

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