2022 home automation trends

New technologies

Recently, we have seen many products come onto the home automation market that support already existing technologies, such as Amazon Alexa, Google and Apple HomeKit. Many wonder whether these new inventions actually take away from traditional home automation systems. In short – yes, but that’s not necessarily for the worse.

These new “supporting” technologies inhabit the lower end of the market which is based on devices that you may plug into wall outlets or adapters to existing products, and they offer good quality app interfaces on smart devices. Rarely are they actually built into the home itself. In contrast, high end professional home automation systems require designing and installation to a standard that takes into account the final sought product as well as required safety regulations.

In fact, many smart home products are pushing professional systems to develop, as they offer better quality smart app experiences along with modern features, such as voice control through the Alexa, Google and HomeKit ecosystems. The development and presence of these more accessible technologies also helps popularize the idea of a smart home, and while not everyone can afford full professional systems, such as Lutron or Crestron, the general evolution of the industry might bring more light to the more advanced brands as well.

Health and wellbeing

As more and more people seek relaxing and fundamentally healthy spaces – whether it’s at their own home or in the office – health and wellbeing is only a growing sector of the home automation industry. Even with good ventilation, humidity and climate control, only smart home technology can provide you with the insight into the actual health of your home. Homes equipped with complex automation systems can largely benefit from the presence of BMS – building management systems – which can manage and intertwine control over all “health aspects” of the managed space. Manufacturers have even started producing sensors designed to detect harmful VOCs and particulates, which can then prompt the system to increase ventilation, notify the occupants, etc.

Energy monitoring

Currently, in the midst of the energy crisis, energy monitoring, which numerous home automation systems allow for, is becoming a particularly appreciated and in-demand feature. These systems can provide you with precise information on how much energy you are importing into your home via electrical or gas, allow you to monitor how much energy your home is generating through solar and provide up to date information on home battery storage charge. This information can prove particularly useful in optimizing your household energy use and can have a significant impact on its overall consumption.


Connectivity is everything now. With the rise of Video Doorbell systems, although not new, we can see constantly increasing interest in technology that allows us to stay remotely connected to home. Professional versions of Ring do exist and offer robust built-in features and options to be linked with CCTV systems, which allows you to keep in touch with your home when away.

Where is the industry heading?

With the increasing awareness of the possibilities of smart home technology, as well as constant developments that we see in the industry, consumers are expecting more and more from their homes. We are slowly getting used to our homes looking after us and ensuring safe and comfortable living environment. We can see that many new customers tend to choose more lower-end solutions, suitable for smaller premises. At the same time, the high-end automation systems, typically used in larger premises and households, are also growing in popularity, developing, and have even begun operating alongside some consumer level equipment. Home automation technology is constantly becoming more accessible, affordable and customisable.

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