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At Micarta, we bring balance, simplicity and security to your home or commercial space. We analyse the needs and specifications of your building to ensure that your smart home installation provides your home with customised solutions specific for your space.

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The Micarta Team are based in Kent, England. We are specialists in professional integrated technologies and provide the highest quality design, installation and service to our customers.

CEDIA member

Qualified, years of experience in the field and proudly accredited CPD presenters of our industry's association CEDIA, we are up to date with the latest technology. We will design, install and service your smart home, office or communal space.

Our audio visual systems are carefully designed and can be form a high resolution audio and video distribution system which will allow any audio or video to be viewed and listened to anywhere in the property, perfect for sports and parties, multi-screen setups and any situation you want to watch or listen in multiple rooms simultaneously.

Micarta are experts in home cinema installation – we will work with you and your budget to form a concept, build a design and install a bespoke cinema room systems. Throughout our designing process, we make it a priority to ensure your home cinema provides you with the most immersive cinematic experience possible.

With home lighting and shading automation, lights fading and curtains closing will set the scene for an evening in. Unique lighting and shading scenes, customized for specific rooms and time of the day and night, are just a single tap away.

Micarta’s CCTV and video gate entry systems with high resolution cameras allow you to manage access to your building when home or away and view entries day and night thanks to impressive night vision options.

Wired and Wireless connectivity is without a doubt a core part of any modern building. Well designed and installed cabling infrastructure is the Highways of communication in your building whilst high bandwidth business grade network equipment keep you reliably online and connected in every corner.

Micarta’s efficient building management systems (BMS) will automate your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, keeping you at just the right temperature in the most efficient manner.

Smart Home Installation

Our home automation systems, combined with heating, shading and home lighting automation, can provide intuitive control over your home, at the same time eliminating excessive energy consumption through climate controls or lighting. Our smart home security systems and video gate entry can allow you to manage access to your building when home or away and view entries day or night. Smart home camera systems, providing both interior and exterior coverage, are a perfect solution for the frequently travelling or owners of larger properties.

We provide premium distributed Audio and Video installation as well as luxury home cinema. Carefully designed home cinema systems provide you with the most comfortable and immersive watching experience. We take into consideration the acoustics, lighting, layout of your room to ensure  that our home cinema installation works exactly for your space.

Our building management systems provide logical and physical control and protection to complex plant installations and are especially designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the property. They can provide you with full control over the indoor atmosphere and intelligently manage faults. Installing a building management system can help you reduce energy consumption and the cost of inefficiently used energy, at the same time ensuring the physical comfort of everyone inside.

Micarta provides expert services throughout the process of concept design, technical design, installation and maintenance of your smart home installation. To ensure that we can provide you with a solution suited to your individual needs, we cooperate with a variety of leading manufactures to provide you the best Control 4 smart home, Crestron smart home and Lutron lighting systems. We are also a certified KNX installer who can turn your home or commercial space into a KNX smart building

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Our Projects

We have spent years working on office and home automation projects – from smart home lighting or luxury home cinema installation to complete home automation systems. Our projects include both rural and modern households, various offices, commercial spaces and even award-winning designer houses.

Our team of certified and experienced home automation specialists has been designing and implementing the perfect automation solutions across various types of spaces – always working to make them intuitive and practical. For all the homes, offices, shops and others that we have worked with, we did our best to not only provide them with an automation system individually designed to fulfill their specific needs and requirements, but also to seamlessly implement it into the style and aesthetics of that particular space.

Below you may find some of the past projects that we have worked on.

office smart environment with crestron

High Tech Office

High Tech Office Productivity and morale benefits with technology by creating a workplace that is the envy of many. Micarta have pulled out the stops

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commercial building automation


Vapeology An exciting new high street retail premises! Vapeology offers only the highest quality of Vaping equipment and supplies and needed the experience in shop

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Why Us

Welcome to Micarta – a one-stop smart home installation company with nearly 4 years of market presence. We are a small, highly-motivated 3-person team with 40 years of combined industry experience. Our services include tailor-made smart home installations, automation systems, home cinema rooms, surveillance and more. Rest assured – we’ll settle for nothing less than the smart home of your dreams!

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The company may be young, but each of us is an engineer with 10-15 years of experience in this industry under our belt. We will use that experience to help you pick and design the right mix for your home.

box check icon  Award-winning respectable brands

We work with more than 50 best-known companies and service providers with a proven track record in the industry – with access to more than a hundred through a network of suppliers, as well as directly with manufacturers.

box check icon  Your voice matters to us

With so many products at our disposal, an extensive network of different suppliers, and a thorough knowledge of home automation technologies, we can help you build your smart home from the ground up – possibilities are endless. First, we sit down with you and have an open conversation about what matters to you and what you wish to get out of your smart home installation. We’re here to listen to you and design a solution that you want and need.

box check icon  Expert advice

Our biggest strength is cross-system knowledge and diversity – we don’t just stick to one particular solution or brand. We offer comprehensive services under one roof and specialise in all the leading automation systems – Crestron, Control4 and more. That gives us freedom and flexibility to really adjust the solution to your needs and the requirements of your environment.

box check icon  Custom-made solutions

Our mission is to provide the best possible solution tailored to your needs. We don’t want to change your environment just to meet the requirements of any automation system – we are determined to make the system work for your home, not the other way around. We deal in solutions, not problems. Individual approach and customer satisfaction are our highest priority.

box check icon  Continued support

Of all people, we understand perfectly well how complex and confusing smart home solutions and systems tend to be. That’s why with us, you are never left alone with your queries or issues unanswered. You can count on our continued support and advice long after we’ve installed the systems in your house.

box check icon  Built to last

We know all too well how poor practices can affect the longevity of your installation. We put great care and consideration into our projects to ensure they’re running smoothly without any issues for years to come. That is why so many satisfied customers have decided to put their trust in our company – and we’re extremely happy and humbled to see so many of them coming back to us!

box check icon  Industry certification

Micarta is a proud member of CEDIA – Global Association for Smart Home Technologies.

We provide services in Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex, and London, but we have also completed projects even as far as Cambridge, Oxford and Weymouth.

Smart home installation - blog

Did you know that automated lighting in an office, thanks to its ability to adjust the amount and warmness of the light (even to the time of the day or year), can help lower melatonin levels which helps reduce fatigue, set warmer light in the office during colder seasons to positively affect employees’ mood and likely improve workplace productivity?

Did you know that smart home installation can provide you with a number of different ways to limit household water, heating and electicity use? Shading automation can help adjust how much light is let in in order to optimize your heating or air conditioning costs.

Did you know that some automation systems (just as Control 4 – one of the most common and accessible home automation providers) can even detect water leaks and report that to you right away?

Smart technologies can help you easily control large spaces or estates and limit your energy use, at the same time adding a new level of convenience in your life. Home automation is becoming a far more common and affordable solution than it once was. Visit our blog section for more interesting information on “all things automation” and plenty of useful tips:

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Perhaps you are considering smart automation for a new-build, existing building or possibly not even considering a system now but would like advice in future-proofing your build? 

Whatever your requirement, feel free to get in contact. We would be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have about the technology, design or installation process

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The Micarta Team are based in Kent, England. We are specialists in professional integrated technologies and provide the highest quality design, installation and service to our customers.