At Micarta, we bring balance, simplicity and security to your home or commercial space. We analyse the needs and specifications of your building to ensure that your smart home installation provides your home with customised solutions specific for your space.


Our home automation systems, combined with heating, shading and home lighting automation, can provide intuitive control over your home, at the same time eliminating excessive energy consumption through climate controls or lighting. Our smart home security systems and video gate entry can allow you to manage access to your building when home or away and view entries day or night. Smart home camera systems, providing both interior and exterior coverage, are a perfect solution for the frequently travelling or owners of larger properties.


We provide premium distributed Audio and Video installation as well as luxury home cinema. Carefully designed home cinema systems provide you with the most comfortable and immersive watching experience. We take into consideration the acoustics, lighting, layout of your room to ensure  that our home cinema installation works exactly for your space.


Our building management systems provide logical and physical control and protection to complex plant installations and are especially designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the property. They can provide you with full control over the indoor atmosphere and intelligently manage faults. Installing a building management system can help you reduce energy consumption and the cost of inefficiently used energy, at the same time ensuring the physical comfort of everyone inside.


Micarta provides expert services throughout the process of concept design, technical design, installation and maintenance of your smart home installation. To ensure that we can provide you with a solution suited to your individual needs, we cooperate with a variety of leading manufactures to provide you the best Control 4 smart home, Crestron smart home and Lutron lighting systems. We are also a certified KNX installer who can turn your home or commercial space into a KNX smart building

Perhaps you are considering smart automation for a new-build, existing building or possibly not even considering a system now but would like advice in future-proofing your build? 


Whatever your requirement, feel free to get in contact. We would be more than happy to assist with any questions you may have about the technology, design or installation process.

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With a wide in house skillset we can work with you to build a complete smart and integrated system that works for you now and into the future

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Audio Visual

Powered by the latest technology, Audio and Video distribution is the highest fidelity ever. Hidden speakers and motorised Television. Anything is possible 


Acoustics, Lighting and Seating positions have to be thought about before your speakers, transducers, screen and projector even enter the room.

Smart Environment: Lighting, Shading, Heating

Lights fading and curtains closing at the touch of a button sets the scene for an evening in and incorporated into other systems you can save power and manage solar gains.

CCTV & Gate Entry

High resolution cameras allow you to monitor day and night and the latest gate entry will allow you to manage access to your building when home or away.

IP Network, Wireless & IRS

Never before have such systems been such a core part of a building. Reliable business grade networks keep you online and connected in every corner. 

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Efficient Automated Control and Physical Protection Over your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems, Keeping you at just the right Temperature.

Smart Home Installation | Micarta

The Micarta Team are based in Kent, England. We are specialists in professional integrated technologies and provide the highest quality design, installation and service to our customers.

Qualified, years of experience in the field and proudly accredited CPD presenters of our industry's association CEDIA, we are up to date with the latest technology. We will design, install and service your smart home, office or communal space.

We live in a world progressively being shaped by technology and our deeper connection to it. Control systems integrate all electrical and mechanical systems, remove unnecessary or complicated interactions and save energy by automatically responding to requirement.

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