An exciting new high street retail premises!

Vapeology offers only the highest quality of Vaping equipment and supplies and needed the experience in shop to match this ethos. The shop was designed to not only perform as an outlet but a place for customers to try out products and ask advice from the team. Based on this requirement a relaxed atmosphere with high quality audio and video together with discreet and effective security was required. Behind the scenes, a robust network was also needed to ensure the IP based till and product directories are robust and dependable.

After going over the initial brief with the client it was time to visit site and meet with the appointed contractor. We also took the time to invite our security specialists to ensure the intruder and fire alarm would be to an SSAIB standard. Once we had met the main contractor, we walked around the shop to ensure all overlapping work is considered, potential issues are found and methods to avoid issues are agreed.

For this project we selected Sony Pro televisions to offer the fantastic image quality we know is consistent from this range. The client had a great understanding on the operability of Sonos audio products and having continuity when at the shop was a great benefit. Sonos amplification provided this familiar function whilst allowing the use of larger format speakers that suited the unique ceiling design and improve low end frequency performance at lower sound pressure levels. Lower volume background music with just enough thump, perfect for the shop.

The network was very important because of the dependability on it for the tills and product directories and so a full Gigabit network was installed and tested to ensure no bottlenecks occur and all devices that could be, were discretely cabled. The WiFi network capacity was maximised this way and access points installed in key locations to ensure exceptional wireless reception. In order to provide exceptional support, advanced monitoring tools have also been installed. This allows us to check network health, diagnose individual device issues and control all aspects of the network remotely. This support can be initiated instantly and is essential for a business such as this.

Unfortunately, with any retail outlet with such a range of products on display, CCTV security is important for staff safety and peace of mind that product and shop is secure. To this end, High resolution 4K cameras were employed to cover all corners of the shop and a fully monitored and insurable security and fire alarm system was installed.

Working closely with other contractors, out of normal hours where needed ensured this project went as smoothly as possible and we hit the finish dates set for shop opening.

We would like to thank the team at Vapeology, a fantastic project to be a part of.

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