Home Automation Services

So much of your connected home relies on thoughtful design that listens to your requirements with an eye to the future. Micarta provides an end to end controls solution. We take you all the way from concept to design, installation to maintenance. Experienced working both directly with clients as well as developers and main contractors, we understand the requirements of trades and how essential communication can be to realise your dream build. 

Audio Visual

Powered by the latest technology, Audio and Video distribution is the highest fidelity ever. Hidden speakers and motorised Television. Anything is possible 


Acoustics, Lighting and Seating positions have to be thought about before your speakers, transducers, screen and projector even enter the room.

Smart Environment: Lighting, Shading, Heating

Lights fading and curtains closing at the touch of a button sets the scene for an evening in and incorporated into other systems you can save power and manage solar gains.

CCTV & Gate Entry

High resolution cameras allow you to monitor day and night and the latest gate entry will allow you to manage access to your building when home or away.

IP Network, Wireless & IRS

Never before have such systems been such a core part of a building. Reliable business grade networks keep you online and connected in every corner. 

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Efficient Automated Control and Physical Protection Over your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems, Keeping you at just the right Temperature.

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