Luxury Home Cinema System

Micarta are experts in home cinema installation – we will work with you and your budget to form a concept, build a design and install a bespoke cinema room systems. We will prepare a few cinema room ideas for you and provide some useful practical advice on the best home cinema accessories. It will provide you with the best comfort and watching experience. Our systems are completely tailored to your individual needs and space, whether you are looking for a full scale luxury home cinema system with acoustic design, a high specification Television based media room with an audio visual system or anything in between.

Throughout our designing process, we make it a priority to ensure your home cinema provides you with the most immersive cinematic experience possible. We can integrate a home cinema system into your space, taking into consideration the acoustics, lighting, layout and seating arrangement. We’ll make sure your new cinema room decor fits the overall aesthetics of your house and – your needs.

Our carefully designed systems can be integrated into your smart home installation to create a balanced space that meets your individual needs. A luxury home cinema, linked to home lighting and shading systems can provide comfort, simplicity and set the right scene for an evening in or a family movie night. That combination offers the ease of using a single system to control all aspects of your smart home, including cinema, lighting, shading, heating, security, video gate entry, etc.

For more information you may see our article about the technologies, accessories, seating and other cinema room ideas.

luxury home cinema

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luxury home cinema

What makes a great home theater?

What makes a great home theater? Who doesn’t like getting the big picture and sound for films and sports? In today’s world, you don’t have to limit that experience to just the theatre. Audio and TV technology are evolving every day. It is now possible to create a home theatre that can rival the real thing. With so many various cinema room accessories on the market, home cinema installation is now more available than ever before. Smart home installation including a home theater can be an incredible investment. See below what you need to provide yourself with an unforgettable home

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conema room impulse response spectogram

Home Cinema Acoustics: A Simplified Guide

Home Cinema Acoustics: A Simplified Guide Home Cinemas are a fantastic way to make that big screen experience a personal one that you can selfishly enjoy away from the queues and the crowds. The most important thing you can do is to ensure the room you are in has been built and acoustically treated properly. Ideally the room would be designed with Speakers, amplifiers, screens and projectors in mind however they can all be replaced. It is very difficult to change the room once it is built and attempts to do this often mean gluing or screwing foam and wood

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Home cinema system by Micarta

Micarta provides expert services throughout the process of designing and home cinema installation. We work to bring balance and simplicity to your home through our carefully crafted systems. To ensure that we can provide you with a solution suited to your individual needs, we cooperate with a variety of leading manufactures to provide you the best Control4 smart home, Crestron smart home and Lutron lighting systems. We are also a certified KNX installer who can turn your home or commercial space into a KNX smart building.

Discover the home cinema system brands we work with

Represented in 70 countries with 10,000 completed projects in its portfolio, Trinnov is a pioneer in sound processing industry. Trinnov’s line of products is manufactured exclusively in France with quality and sustainability in mind. The company has received many industry awards for their immersive 3D audio and home cinema systems. Despite being a relatively young company, it has quickly become a go-to-choice for many renowned cinema and music professionals.
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Denon is an absolute industry giant with over a 100-year-old legacy. Established in 1910 in Tokyo, it has earned a firm position among the very best choices when it comes to sound processing equipment. The company specializes in design and manufacture of home entertainment products, including audio video receivers, known for their affordability and reliability. Denon combines tradition with contemporary technology - maintaining a perfect balance between honouring its rich heritage and implementing innovative solutions.
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As a multinational conglomerate, Sony is one of the most recognizable and largest manufacturers of electronic products in the world. Founded in 1946 in Tokyo, to this day it is among the global leaders in technology and innovation. Sony offers an unbelievably wide and diverse range of electrical appliances - from high-quality image TVs to high-performance audio systems. It is the best choice for anyone looking for a reliable all-in-one home cinema solution.
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The Micarta Team are based in Kent, England. We are specialists in professional integrated technologies and provide the highest quality design, installation and service to our customers.