Trinnov - Audio Processing

Audio processing experts for surround sound installations. Trinnov will enable you to install world beating surround systems for cinema.

Trinnov is an industry leader in sound processing. They design and manufacture high-end solutions, including preamplifiers and processors, that are used in 3D sound technologies and loudspeaker/room optimization across professional music studios, cinemas, and home theaters. The company has a longstanding experience in providing technology for the most demanding professional audio environments and a diverse team of over 50 people who share their commitment to providing audio solutions of the highest excellence

The company offers a wide variety of products including surround sound processors, audio processors, the newest generation of cinema processors, as well as preamplifiers, which are considered Trinnov’s flagship high-end stereo products.

Aside from being used in a countless number of home theaters, Trinnov’s sound processing solutions have been applied in various movie theaters, for example at the National Film Theater at the British Film Institute or at the Glasgow Film Theater. Trinnov technology has also been used by renown record labels and composers, such as Tom Player (composer; The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Ministry of Sound), Matt Lawrence (Annie Lennox, Van Morisson, Beyonce, Interpol, Foals), and more.

Trinnov prides itself in offering edge-cutting technology, as well as dedication to maintaining the highest quality of services surrounding their products which can provide any home cinema system with unparalleled audio.

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