A German Pre-Fab Delight

Tucked away from prying eyes is a truly hidden gem example of the best German Engineered Pre-Fabricated design.

A full scale KNX system controls everything here from lighting to heating and a connected weather station closes blinds on hot days and protects external blinds from high winds.

Gate entry and CCTV makes the Property feel safe and enclosed whilst blending into the architecture and the Enterprise grade IP Network ensures reliability and robustness.

Cinema and hidden TV lifts polish the final touches on this property and make it a true delight of living.

At Micarta, we bring balance, simplicity and security to your home or commercial space. We analyse the needs and specifications of your building to ensure that your smart home installation provides your home with customised solutions specific for your space.

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The Micarta Team are based in Kent, England. We are specialists in professional integrated technologies and provide the highest quality design, installation and service to our customers.