Benefits of lighting automation in an office

Lighting automation offers various advantages beyond just illuminating your office space. These convenient solutions can increase your comfort, limit electricity bills or even boost your employees’ productivity.

Save energy and lower your office’s carbon footprint

Office lighting automation allows us to significantly limit monthly electricity use without compromising the comfort and productivity in your office. Installing lighting systems can ensure that your space does not excessively consume energy thanks to a function that dynamically dims lights as well as occupancy sensors that stop power use when not needed. Moreover, dimmers can extend the life of your light bulbs as they keep them at a lower temperature.

These simple-to-control solutions not only help you contribute to lowering your carbon footprint, but they can also provide you with comfort and peace of mind as you will never again have to worry about lights staying on overnight. Not to mention the lower electricity bills!

office smart environmentTake care of your employees’ comfort and productivity

A lighting system in your office can automatically adjust the lights according to the current needs of your employees. It will ensure that the lights are not too bright, tiring your employees’ eyes, and not too dim, making everyone inside drowsy and less motivated to work.

Research shows that differently coloured light differently impacts our mood, productivity and ability to either concentrate or rest. Warm light creates a sense of comfort and allows us to relax better, while cold light keeps us awake, increases alertness. It can also lower our melatonin levels which helps reduce fatigue. On the other hand, during colder times of the year when natural sunlight becomes scarce, warmer light in the office can positively affect employees’ mood and result in improving your workplace productivity. Lighting automation can provide your office with the optimum lighting levels at all times, helping your employees excel every day.

Sleek design

Though automation systems are able to control many lighting elements in large multi-room spaces, the modern design can ensure a sleek and minimalist look. The variety of available control panels are designed to match the style of your space and blend in seamlessly.

You are free to choose from the wide selection of options that manufacturers provide us with. For instance, the Control4 touch panels come in glossy black or white colours, different sizes and can be either installed in-wall or you may choose a tabletop version.

During smart home installation, an experienced expert can help you implement all your choices into your work space to create your desired look.

Make things simpler for your employees

Our modern offices are highly dynamic places with conference rooms, open spaces and hot-desking employees. With so much movement in the office, we can’t really count on everyone to always remember to turn the lights off when leaving the room, only to turn them back on 10 minutes later. Many offices find it easier to keep the lighting on at all times during office hours.

With lighting automation, that will no longer be the case. You will be sure that lights are only used when actually necessary. Your employees will always be welcomed into the conference room by lights automatically switching on. They will not have to play around with multiple light switches every time they rush into a conference room for a call.

Increase the security of your office space

Home and office automation systems offer a variety of options to keep your space safe. However, very few realise that an office or a smart home security system can work alongside lighting automation to reach an even higher level of security. If your area has been suffering from frequent office robberies, you can use a lighting system to simulate people’s presence in the office without actually having anyone come in on a Saturday night. Some commercial or industrial buildings benefit from having automated outdoor lighting which can improve safety, especially after sunset. Moreover, it can be integrated with security systems, smoke or carbon dioxide sensors. In a situation when your system detects danger, you can have your lighting programmed to turn on altogether across the entire building or a part of it, alerting people of the situation and making it easier for them to evacuate.

Integrate it with other smart solutions

Lighting automation systems provide countless possibilities to make your space even more intuitive by integrating them with other automation solutions. Automated shading will ensure that your office uses possibly as much natural sunlight as possible. On sunny days, your lighting system will work with your shading solutions to make sure that your office uses natural light and consumes only as much electricity as necessary.

Automated lighting can actually serve far more purposes than many realise. Not only does it add value to your modern office’s convenience and aesthetics, but it can also play a role in its security and boost the overall ‘smart office’ experience.

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