Crestron Home OS3 Launch!

Its so important to keep up to date with the latest and upcoming releases from manufacturers in our field and so an invitation to the Crestron Home OS3 Launch event could not be missed by the Micarta Team. We came away from the launch far more excited about this product than we thought we would and believe it is a true game changer in our industry!

The first thing we notice with Crestron Home OS3 is the kind of interface you expect on a smart phone dedicated app, dynamic tile-based design and scroll-able rather than your typical control system that is generally made up of fixed dedicated pages. The new interface is by no means just a cosmetic revamp however and you can see that simply by the login method, the speed of connecting to systems and the added functionality and capacity for things like room photos.

The launch event showed us in depth the manufacturing process and lengths Crestron go to. They manufacture all their equipment in house and pour resources into the testing and QA of new and existing products. We have known for years how reliable Crestron equipment is and seeing this process demonstrates exactly why they are. Having complete control over their end to end solution means the new 4 series processors for OS3 still support many of their existing product range and reliability will be the high standard we have come to expect.

Crestron have an awesome history in the high-end residential market space for complete custom systems and to be honest, that is where we have always seen and used Crestron in the past. Crestron Home OS3 offers a completely new, unified and expandable experience that actually fits into many system designs where it would not have been cost effective previously. The full custom Crestron systems are not going away though. Custom user interfaces will always need to be done with this more advanced programming method. As well as custom layouts, there may be occasions where specific integrations with Crestron Home OS3 is not possible. In these cases, advanced programming can be ported into Crestron Home OS3 with triggers. Having certified Crestron programmers therefore is still a huge benefit so we at Micarta are definitely going to make the most of our accreditation’s.

With the great user interface, reliability and the flexibility to add to existing systems. Upgrading to the new OS3 platform is very possible and, in many situations, beneficial. On top of this, it is clear Home OS3 is a move of great importance to Crestron and the coming updates and future of Crestron Home OS3 is looking bright to say the least.

If you need any advice with an existing or new system, please get in touch with us here at Micarta!

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