Crestron Horizon Wallsmart Installation

Crestron’s Horizon range of keypads are a versatile and sleek keypad that suit any build with a range of colour options and button configurations. They also benefit from being RGB back-lit (colour changing). The back-light highlights any custom engraved text for easy viewing when dark or to reflect changes in the zone with different colours.

The client for this project wanted to replace the older Cameo range of keypads with the Horizon range, however the client wanted the front face of the Horizon keypads flush to the wall. Thankfully Wallsmart builds custom mounting plates for this very purpose for both hollow and solid wall construction.

The older Cameo Keypads to be replaced

Hollow wall installation of the Wallsmart mounts is completed by removing a section of plasterboard the size of the mount and is affixed using batons in the wall. It is obviously important that the plasterboard thickness matches the requirements of the Wallsmart mounts and so is best suited to installation in new plasterboard.

We were however installing in existing walls here and this made it more difficult due to varying levels in plaster on top of the existing plasterboard. However, with careful installation, it is still very possible.

Hollow wall Wallsmart installation

Once installed in the wall, filling and plaster skimmed over the surface produces a fantastically flush finish that I think you will agree looks absolutely superb.

Finished examples of the Wallsmart mounts and Crestron Horizon keypad

site decor element


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