Gate Entry Upgrade

Recently, Micarta have upgraded a few clients gate entry system.

One system was an older Control4 unit to be upgraded the feature rich 2N entry system. The new model offers better image and voice quality and is built to integrate seamlessly with the existing Control4 system as well as allowing video and audio communication with smartphones whilst at home and away.

One of the most difficult challenges when replacing custom built in entry systems such as this is covering the recess neatly and as you can see from the above image, it would have been a particularly awkward with a lot of careful adaptation of stonework.

Thankfully the latest 2N entry system offers exceptionally neat adaptor plates which makes upgrading a piece of cake. Keeping cost and destructive works to an absolute minimum.

Installations like this only emphasise the need for properly installed cable infrastructures. At the extremities of a plot, it is even more likely that weak ducts and infrastructure lead to problems later on when changing or maintaining systems. Thankfully this was clearly thought about here.

Within just a few hours the client could enjoy a brand new and neat gate entry system that keeps them connected and in control of the comings and goings to their property whilst home or away.

2N offer fantastic integrated solutions and was ideal for this installation however there are many other brands such as Doorbird and BPT that offer slightly differing features, functions and strengths that may suit other installations

Another panel change was more involved. This time it required some new brickwork as the older panel was larger than the new but you can see from the below image that the end result is seamless.

This time the cabling infrastructure was based on an older analog format and so new cables needed to be run from the house.

This 2N panel benefits from a keypad unit that allows the user to set codes for cleaners, deliveries or even family members that you only want to have access always or between certain times.

Perhaps you have a similar system which is working intermittently or doesn’t offer modern features that you would like to enjoy at your own property? Get in touch, our team will be more than happy to assist.

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