LFE Tactile Transducers for Cinema

Cinema audio requires consideration of many factors and there is so much more to designing a room than just adding more bass. That said, we wanted to talk a bit here about doing just that!

Low frequency effects (LFE for short) give that wow factor when watching a movie in your home cinema or media room. They physically move and shake your body, involving you in the action. High end sub-woofers can deliver this, however, their energy is dissipated into the air and as such require high sound pressure levels (SPL (How Loud)) in order to transfer the energy enough to create the pounding effect you experience.

Tactile Transducers are essentially a speaker designed to shake the mass they are attached to such as a chair or raised flooring. They reach lower frequencies and transfer the energy directly to the listener. This can give some considerable benefits:

  • At lower SPL, a full bodied experience can be acheived
  • At high SPL, lower frequencies can be pronounced
  • Subwoofers can be tuned to provide less ultra-low frequencies meaning they can work more efficiently

If you are building a new system or indeed just looking for an upgrade to an existing there are plenty of options and designs to consider specific to your situation. Get in touch, we are more than happy to provide advice!

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