Upgrading to Control4 OS3 and NEEO remote installation

With yet another client upgrading to Control4’s new operating system “OS3” we thought its worthwhile to go over what is involved, the benefits and the resulting changed look/feel for anyone considering this upgrade.

What is involved in the upgrade?

Upgrading to OS3 is a fantastic way to refresh your system. Many of our clients have benefitted from upgrading without needing to change equipment but this will depend entirely on the system you currently have installed.

If you recently had system completed in the last few year then chances are there will be very little involved and integrators such as us at Micarta can very quickly upgrade, test and make required adjustments without replacing any parts.

If however, the system is older then it is possible that parts will need to be swapped out for newer. The most likely parts to be replaced would be processors. Processors are devices situated by each television with on screen display as well as in central locations. There are other devices that may need to be replaced however less often is it the case.

It will not be a big task for a professional to compile a list of any required hardware changes so it is definitely worth asking your professional integrator to look into this for you!

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Control4 OS3 is their latest operating system developed with faster modern graphics, user personalisation and added features continuously being added.

Everything works faster! Access to favourite actions can be placed on root screen and the fluidity of the graphics is just as you would expect from a modern control system. Inside OS3 it is so much easier to see the status of your home with added benefits such as a “Currently Playing” area, facility to see what lights are left on as well as countless other well thought out actions and deeper control over your favourite devices.

OS3 opens the door to incorporating the truly elegant NEEO remote. Setup could not be simpler and the minimalist button layout with complete control on the touch screen is simply perfect. Not only does it function incredibly well but it looks great too (available in black and silver)

How will it look?

They say a picture paints a thousand words, yet a video is a thousand pictures! Trust us, it looks good but you are best off seeing it for yourself. See the introduction video below:

If you would like to find out more or have any questions on this then please get in touch!

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