2N - Entry System

Designed for modularity. 2N Door stations Integrate effortlessly. Stylish and durable units with good night vision and full-feature security.

2N is a Czech company and a leading manufacturer of IP-based intercoms and access control systems, focusing mainly on delivering high-quality solutions for a wide range of applications – residential, commercial and even industrial. Their products are designed to provide reliable and secure access control solutions for buildings of all sizes and types. 2N are known for their knowledge and expertise in IP-based technology. 

They have developed a range of innovative solutions that enable customers to manage access to their buildings from anywhere in the world, using a variety of different devices – smartphones, tablets or computers.  2N’s product portfolio includes a wide selection of intercoms, access control systems, and video surveillance solutions – all designed to work together in harmony. 

Their selection of intercoms and access control systems can be integrated with third-party systems to provide a one-stop solution for managing access to buildings and other facilities.

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