CEDIA - Trade Governing Body

CEDIA, the international trade association for companies that design, manufacture, and integrate technology in the home, empowers members with education and advocacy.

Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, or CEDIA, is a not-for-profit trade organisation that represents home technology industry around the globe. Founded in 1989, CEDIA’s mission is to promote the growth and success of its members by providing education, certification, and advocacy services. CEDIA offers a range of services to its members – professional development and training programs, industry events and networking opportunities, as well as certification programmes. They can also access specific training courses to further improve their skills and knowledge in the field of home technology, which gives them the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments and best practices at all times. 

In addition to the diverse member services offer, CEDIA is also dedicated to promoting the benefits of home technology to consumers and the wider audiences. They work to educate both homeowners and businesses about the benefits of smart home technology, like comfort, convenience, energy efficiency, and security.

CEDIA also plays an important role in advocating for its members and the home technology industry as a whole. They work closely with government agencies, regulatory bodies, and other organisations to ensure that the interests of their members are represented and that the whole industry itself operates in a fair and transparent manner.

CEDIA is a valuable resource for the home technology industry, providing its members with the tools and support they need to succeed, while promoting the benefits of home technology to consumers and advocating for the industry.

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