Crestron is the market leader in high end smart control systems with a vast product based known for its robust quality. Micarta are fully qualified Crestron installers.

Crestron is a world-famous manufacturer of home automation technologies. Their aim is to help improve efficiency and make the day-to-day life easier. Based in the USA, the company has been developing edge-cutting technologies ever since 1972.

Apart from a wide array of home automation products and services, Crestron also specialises in more high-scare solutions that cater to education and government institutions, the hospitality industry and other commercial enterprises.

Crestron is a leading system for controlling your smart home. It can provide you with the highest level of convenience and simplicity in your home life. The home control system is crafted to equip your household with the most up-to-date technology and solutions, making your space comfortable, environmentally friendly and safe.

As one of the most powerful home control systems, Crestron gives a lot of room for customisation as it is considered to be one of the most complex home automation systems on the market. Its potential and possibilities are almost limitless with a skilled and experienced installer. Its interface can be fully adjusted to the individual needs of a particular space and its users. It comes with rich lighting automation options which can not only make your home more environmentally friendly, but also set a perfect scene for an evening in.
As Crestron is well-known for its endless customisation options, it can be integrated with almost any device or system you choose to have in your smart home or office.

Crestron, as one of the top market leaders, is a brand that continues to develop new solutions to make home life simple and highly intuitive. It offers various remote home control options, power consumption monitoring and a various home security features.

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