Ekinex - KNX hardware

Ekinex provide a end to end KNX based solutions but known for their design led in room keypad options that ooze quality and capability.

An interior designers dream, the materials and options lend themselves to higher end installations where keypads not only provide function, but add to the interior design.

Ekinex is an Italian manufacturer of KNX hardware and software solutions. Their selection includes sensors, actuators, and control panels. Ekinex products are designed for use in home and building automation systems, and are known for their high-quality and functionality. They allow their users to easily control various aspects of their home, such as lighting, climate, and security. The company’s products are created in compliance with the KNX – a global standard for building automation and control systems.

Ekinex is a highly respected and widely appreciated brand, thanks to its commitment to providing a quality user experience and customer service, while offering products that are both stylish and reliable

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