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Speaker manufacturer with a vast range of quality speakers to suit any architectural space.

Origin acoustics offers a wide variety and types of high-performance speakers that can seamlessly fit into any space. They can just as easily complement your cinema room decor as the overall feel and design of your kitchen or living room. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing ceiling, in-wall and landscape speakers which, when installed, can be practically invisible and do not interfere with the interior design and aesthetics. That’s also why they work so well as home cinema accessories

Aside from the exceptional design aspects of Origin Acoustics products, they highly value the quality of the sound and strive to deliver the highest quality of audio in the industry. The architectural loudspeakers use advanced and patented technologies and highest quality of materials.

The manufacturer shows a truly comprehensive attitude and focus on their product by constantly developing new solutions for a variety of settings and environments. Origin Acoustics designs audio equipment from loudspeakers to subwoofers, amplifiers and more. Their product collections are suitable for home use, commercial spaces and offices, or even yachts! They make sure that their products not only show high sound quality and minimalist design, but can also be a solution to various issues that may arise during installation. For instance, when there is a ‘surprise’ behind the drywall which may cause trouble when installing regular-size in-wall speakers, the ThinFit loudspeaker collection will come to our rescue.

Origin Acoustics is known to be one of the industry leaders for the quality of their products and the meticulousness with which they are designed.

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