Rako - Lighting Control

Lighting control system offering wired and wireless systems suited to both retrofit and new build. Rako comes in neat form factor electronics with smooth dimming options.

Rako is a designer and manufacturer of a variety of smart lighting components and systems. They are known for their innovative and creative approach towards lighting controls and offer a diverse range of solutions suitable for just about any space. Whether you’re looking for cinema room ideas or cinema room accessories, inspiration for your kitchen or living room – Rako’s range of products is a great choice..

Rako provides technology that allows for the most convenient and intuitive control over lighting in our space. Their solutions offer dimming technology, electric blinds and curtains and full automated control available at the touch of a single button, though their systems may control multiple circuits and types of lighting.

The company manufactures a wide variety of lighting control components:

  • control panels and modules for lighting, blinds and curtains,
  • racks,
  • sleek and minimal control keypads,
  • hubs with built-in hub services that can be connected to wired or wireless systems,
  • a variety of other accessories allowing for smart control and system integration.

Rako specialises in designing lighting systems that are suitable for various environments, settings and aesthetics. Their products are used across commercial spaces, such as restaurants, cafés, lounges, bars and hotels; residential areas, as well as historical buildings.

The solutions provided by Rako offer an endless number of opportunities. In their past projects, the  systems allowed for adjusting lighting for specific commercial events, seamless dimming and providing the perfect ambience for evening restaurant settings, or home lighting automation in private residences that was integrated with a variety of smart home solutions.

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