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Ubiquiti Inc., formerly known as Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. is a technology company founded in 2003 in the US with headquarters in San Francisco, California. Currently, the main offices of their operation are based in New York. Ubiquiti is a manufacturer and dealer of wireless data communication, it also offers wired products for businesses and homes. Ubiquiti is a true pioneer of this industry. Their range includes products like UniFi, AmpliFi, UISP, EdgeMax, airMAX, GigaBeam, UFiber, and airFiber – all of them are wired or wireless networking solutions, made up of switches and routers only. Recently, they have expanded their offer and now their products are available to Internet service providers. Their dedicated controllers in the form of software packages can run on Linux, Windows, or Mac and also specific hardware, like UniFi Cloudkeys. Quality products with modern features and track record reliability.

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