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New! Control4 Remote

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We at Micarta install all manner of systems designed around the need and priorities of a project. Control4 has always been a great product in terms of functionality and reliability however their remotes have been less desirable than there competitors. As the remote is either in hand or on display, this has always been a major aesthetic weakness of Control4.

We got rather excited to hear that Control4 had invested in the purchase of a dedicated remote-control company and have been waiting eagerly ever since! Finally, this week Control4 have shown us what they have come up with and it really is a sight to behold.

The Neeo remote comes in either Black or Silver in an aluminium housing with a circular weighted upright stand that charges the remote whilst making grabbing your remote even easier. The hard buttons are kept to a minimum with the high-resolution touchscreen providing source specific controls. We really like this de-cluttering, making the most of the touchscreen capability. The touch screen will also make favourites and tv listings more accessible. All in all, this presents a major aesthetic and functionality improvement that was simply impossible with their previous offerings.

You will need to be running the latest Control4 OS3 operating system to use these remotes and this may require an upgrade of processor depending on the age of the system however upgrading comes with its own benefits that OS3 offers such and the improved interface and user personalisation that was not possible previously.

We think this is a true game changer for Control4 and lifts an already fantastic brand into higher end markets where both function and form is expected.

If you are interested in Control4 Installation or just knowing more, feel free to get in contact. The Micarta team are always willing to help.

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