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In today’s day and age, smart home solutions are becoming an increasingly popular commodity, probably thanks to the comfort, efficiency, and convenience they offer. It’s all true. But the benefits of home automation don’t just stop there. It’s not just about having fancy gadgets, the so-called “party tricks” or a luxury home cinema. There’s real essence behind it. One of the crucial aspects that often gets overlooked is security. We don’t often think about it, but the features these new technologies bring to the table can actually help prevent and protect against many unwanted incidents. There’s a wide range of products to choose from in this regard – from specific appliances to integrated automation systems. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective solutions and technologies that can help turn your smart home into an impregnable fortress.

Strong gates

We have to start with the first line of defence – the entry, whether it’s a regular door or a gate with a long driveway. For the latter, the most efficient and reliable option would be a smart gate, also known as an automated gate, paired up with a good, preferably built-in intercom system. Remote access, live feed from the screen, special sensors that close or open the gate automatically, and, of course, the apps to control it all. Some models come with an activity log feature, which allows the owners to check gate closings, openings or any attempts to access their property – all of that is being recorded at all times. 

If all you need is something for your front door, then a less advanced and much more affordable option is a smart doorbell with a camera. It can easily fit your needs while ensuring the desired level of security for a fraction of the price – at least compared to a full-blown smart entry gate system. There are two different types of this device – wired and battery-operated. Which one’s better? 

Matter of preference – would you rather deal with the wiring or charge it every once in a while? Most of these devices nowadays can be easily integrated with Alexa or Google Assistant, and come with their own apps that allow the users to see their front door on their smartphones whenever someone rings the doorbell. One more thing – some models have a two-way audio feature, which means you can actually have an entire conversation remotely through the app. Very useful, when you’re not at home and notice there’s a delivery for you. You can find a more detailed guide on gate entry here.

The last thing that should be a no-brainer is reinforcing the doors around the house with smart locks. They work pretty much like any other smart device, smartphone (which can replace a traditional key) is enough to give the user full control over the lock – whether you’re standing in front of the door, sitting on the couch inside the house or having a little stroll around the park.


Although it’s really hard to beat the original, conventional fencing, and by no means do we suggest foregoing it, it might not be the worst idea to consider expanding your smart home installation with this new location-based technology called geofencing to further improve the security, as well as comfort and convenience around your property.  How does it work exactly? It’s all about setting up virtual boundaries, which, when crossed, trigger a specific action – like activating or deactivating some devices (thermostats, lights, alarm), sending a notification, and more. It’s incredibly powerful and practical.

For anyone who trust more physical barriers a bit more, smart blinds or shutters are also a very strong choice. They don’t just reduce or control the amount of sunlight in the room; they actually have a much more important job which is limiting unwanted access, especially the ones made from durable materials with this purpose in mind. 

Smart shutters can be integrated with other smart home devices around your house (including a geofencing feature) and set up to react in a specific way in specific scenarios. Of course, you can also control them remotely or with voice commands, depending on the model.


No fortress would be complete without a proper tower – a good vantage point that allows one to spot any dangers from afar. This is exactly what a well-designed video surveillance or CCTV system can do for you. Now the number of cameras depends on the level of security you’re looking for, but it’s important to have at least one. Sometimes it makes sense to have them set up also at a ground level, in addition to more “traditional” places

They often come with special sensors, high-resolution video feed and high-quality audio, depending on their purpose – some are designed for indoor and others for outdoor applications. And that’s not all. There are many different types of CCTV systems and security cameras. We recommend checking out our guide for more information. One thing to consider is definitely connectivity since in this case, it’s synonymous with convenience – having an entire IP network or cameras with Wi-Fi connection allows the users to take full advantage of all the features a smart home security system has.

Another element is a smart alarm system – which often actually comes with cameras on their own. These systems can also be controlled via an app, and are compatible with most popular voice assistants. The key thing to bear in mind here is range – sometimes garages or some sheds are quite far away from the house, and if any of your prized possessions are kept there, it’s crucial to protect them as well.

One system to rule them all

This is the very core of our project – a command centre that binds it all together. Anyone who knows anything about smart solutions, is familiar with the eternal question – Crestron vs Control4? Both systems have their own strengths and work really well in specific settings, so whether your mind is set on Crestron smart home or not, we recommend reading our article on this very topic. Generally speaking, it’s crucial to ask yourself one question – will I be able to access all of my current smart home devices with it? After all, it’s all about convenience. Who needs seventeen different apps to control everything around the house, when they can have an all-in-one solution? Another important factor is scalability. The security system is there to make your life easier, not harder.

When it comes to any smart home solution, it’s always important to think about integration – the security of your house doesn’t rely on one device, but rather a set of devices that work together in unison to protect you and your property. Even when one of them fails, you’re still safe. At Micarta, we know how to build a fully integrated security system that will meet your needs and expectations. If you’re looking for reliable services that have to do with home automation in Kent, visit our website.

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