RIBA - House of the Year

An ingenious Eco home and winner of RIBA’s “House of the Year” award in 2017.

This truly unique property boasts awe-inspiring views from its extensive grounds.

However long you spend looking out, you are sure to spend longer looking in as the architectural brilliance of this property is elegantly supported by its under the hood technology.

Sitting on a KNX Backbone the lighting and heating is controlled from the various control interfaces around the home and you can even see the status of the Eco technology underpinning this build.

The incorporated weather station closes windows when it rains and adjusts shades for solar gain management and Occupancy sensors further save on energy consumed by controlling lighting.

Video Gate entry is especially useful in this property with its Gates 1.5km away from the home. Having full control over the house when not at home is also a key feature. 

At Micarta, we bring balance, simplicity and security to your home or commercial space. We analyse the needs and specifications of your building to ensure that your smart home installation provides your home with customised solutions specific for your space.

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